• Advanced plasma technology for next microfabrications!

   Novelion Systems, a technology development-oriented venture company, originated from large current negative ion source technologies for nuclear fusion plasma heating devices.

  Our vision is,
”Advanced plasma technology for next microfabrications!”

  With the spread of use of various sensor devices and high-frequency circuit devices due to the Internet of things (IoT), the new microfabrication systems are required in recent years, which can be applied with new materials such as piezoelectric films and magnetic films and so on, because conventional silicon process equipments are hard to treat those materials.

  For responding with those technical needs, we are developing ECR (electron cyclotron resonance) dense plasma sources and ECR high current ion beam sources which are operated with oxygen and every active gases.

  To answer the expectations of our customers, we have provided the products as follows,

(1) “ECR line beam ion source (ELBS-150)“,
     for reactive ion beam milling systems.

(2) “High power ECR plasma source (EPS-120)“,
     for high speed etching systems or reactive plasma treat systems.

(3) “Compact ECR atomic/radical beam source (ERS-35)“,
     with good using records of oxide/nitride shin film formation processes.

  We will continue to work toward the realization of innovative plasma equipment. Thank you for your good support.

Novelion Systems Co., Ltd.
Representative director,
Shuichi Maeno