• Advanced plasma technology for next microfabrications!
Company nameNovelion Systems Co., Ltd.
Our visionAdvanced plasma technology for next microfabrications!
Head office304, Kawajiri, Toyono-city, Toyono-gun,
Osaka 563-0217, Japan
Keihanna factory105, Keihanna Open Innovation Center @KYOTO,
9-6, Kizugawadai, Kizugawa-city,
Kyoto 619-0225, Japan

TEL/FAX : +81-774-66-6387
Establishment dateAugust 2006
Representative directorShuichi Maeno
Capital6,000,000 yen
Our projects(1) Development and manufacture and sale of plasma application equipment.
 -ECR line beam ion source (ELBS series)
 -Modular ECR plasma source (EPS series)
 -Low energy high current ion source for milling process.
 -Inside hole sputter coating equipment.
 -Contract development and technical consulting for various plasma application equipment, and so on.

(2) Processing of special film formation process.
 -Bonding interface treatment on CFC divertor armor (for Nuclear fusion experimental devices), and so on.